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Featuring subtle forest scents with a delicate alpine fragrance, the Montagne Chic Candle is perfect for cozy winter evenings "by the fire". This 100% artisanal candle is crafted in Biot glass. The "blue glass" version is limited to just a few hundred copies.


  • 100% natural wax (coconut/rapeseed)
  • 100% made in Haute-Savoie
  • 100% French craftsmanship (Biot Glassware)

*from organic farming
**naturally present inessential oils

***processed from organic ingredients

Offering the skin a return to the essential ...

We are committed to the necessary transition 

Our skincare products are based on an innovative mix of green science and natural ingredients

Their formulation offers paradox-free effectiveness for all of us

We favour biosourcing that is mostly local, with a conscious and reasoned ecological impact

Valambrun Cosmetics products are in the process of being certified Organic and Slow Cosmetic

All our products are stored in anti-bacterial bottles and jars, made of high quality violet glass, ideal for the conservation of cosmetics and infinitely recyclable

Valambrun Cosmétiques is the result of a meeting between Séverine Thomassin and Nicolas Thibon, a human partnership united by beautiful values: the desire to take care of others and the commitment to the exception.

The formulas are innovative and effective, the right mix between green chemistry and noble and natural ingredients, the textures are enveloping and the fragrances subtle and soothing

Our body and face care products are manufactured in our laboratory on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Haute-Savoie.

We are committed to the necessary transition, we favour a sourcing of reasoned ecological impact and pleasure through the play of textures and subtle, soothing scents: true holistic care for the daily ritual.

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