Lara Bertholin

Lara Bertholin


Lara Bertholin, a student at Sciences Politiques Paris, practices Alpine skiing with several titles of French champion in giant and super giant to her credit, having spent three years in the French team in the hope group.

Today, after several injuries, she is leaving for a season with a proven professional and private organization, Orsatus.


“I am over-motivated, and I feel that I have acquired the experience and the maturity, to hopefully achieve my dreams of a world championship”

Lara is a free young woman imbued with wild nature and wide open spaces. The mountains and the ocean are his two passions. She practices water surfing, long and short board, around the world whenever she can. She is a hyperactive who likes to discover, travel, meet, always looking for new sensations.

“I am very proud to be an ambassador for the Nivose brand, a brand that is very close to my heart because Nivose is a French brand that seeks to constantly limit its environmental impact. I think that today it is essential to support brands that make the effort to use recycled fabrics, packaging and materials from eco-responsible paper, cotton products from organic farming. In addition to being ecologically invested, Nivose is a brand of incredible quality, warmth, lightness, sport-chic. Everything we look for in a winter jacket.”

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